Harley Benton vs SX, Fender Mustang GT, and More – INTHEBLUES Podcast December 2018

Loads of topics including Harley Benton, Fender Mustang GT, YouTube channel milestones and more…

Podcast Topics Time Codes

0:00 – Welcome
1:20 – Channel Milestones and Awards
3:52 – My Proven Method for Choosing a new Guitar Speaker
10:52 – Harley Benton vs SX Electric Guitars (First Impressions)
16:54 – Cheap or Expensive Amplifier for Cheap Guitar Videos?
19:00 – Fender Mustang GT-100 vs Mustang 3 V2
23:51 – Fender Mustang GT-100 with a Texas Heat Speaker
26:27 – Blues Jam Night Recording (100k Sub Special Video)
32:27 – Channel Improvements (camera gear etc)
36:17 – Why my Patreon and YouTube model is very different

Fender Mislabelled Headstocks, Gibson files for Bankruptcy – INTHEBLUES Tone Podcast

Fender Mislabelled Headstocks, Gibson files for Bankruptcy

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